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The quote: Maybe this world is another planet's hell. (Aldous Huxley)

If your are interested in World Music, but don´t know where to start, I recommend you to start with a collection from any of the specialised record companies.

To co-operate with Vagamundos, please buy your music at:

PUTUMAYO. In my opinion, the best record company, with music selected all over the world; the CD cases avoid the use of plastic, the designs are very nice and the information about the musicians is detailed.
  • Putumayo Presents Kotoja: The Super-Sawale Collection
  • Travel the world with Putumayo
  • The best of world music
  • Women of the world international
  • One World (Putumayo)
  • Putumayo Presents: Latino! Latino!
  • Putumayo Presents A World Instrumental Collection
  • Putumayo Presents Romantica

REAL WORLD. Peter Gabriel´s record company was one of the first and still one of the best mixing music from all over the world.
  • Various Artists -Arcane
  • Various Artists -Bliss
  • Various Artists -Gathering
  • Various Artists -Lament
  • Various Artists -Passion Sources
  • Various Artists -Plus From Us
  • Various Artists -Voices Of The Real World

WORLD MUSIC NETWORK. The "music" version of one of the best selling travel guides, The Rough Guides.
  • Various Artists - African Blues
  • Various Artists - Best Of Africa
  • Various Artists - Best Of Latin America
  • Various Artists - Global Partnership II
  • Various Artists - One Voice-Vocal
  • Various Artists - Oxfam Salsa
  • Various Artists - Rhythm-Time-World Percussion
  • Various Artists -Rough Guide
  • Various Artists -Unwired-Acoustic
  • Various Artists -Unwired-Africa

This is a list of music that I consider essential if you want to know the music that is created around the world, by geographical area; Europe and America, except Brasil, are not included because they don´t produce much World Music. You will realize that Brazilian music is my favourite, because is a mix between african rithms, a beautiful language, portuguese, and the sensibility of a country that mainly has 2 passions: music and "futebol".


  • Miriam Makeba - Mama Africa. The South Africa music "mother"
  • Youssou N´dour - The Guide (Wommat). Music from Senegal with an european touch
  • Salif Keita - The Mansa of Mali. a "white" black that makes black black music
  • Manu Dibango - Wakafrica. The elegance of Jazz with an african touch

  • Sheila Chandra - The Zen Kiss. A wonderful voice for a wonderful mix of indian, sefardi and pop music
  • Dadawa - Sister Drum. The "Björk" from China, with tibetan touch, and a very special voice.
  • Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Mustt Mustt. A Big Big musician from Pakistan
  • Himekami - Moonwater. Japanese music with an "New Age" touch

BRASIL (Any record from the following artists)
  • Antonio Carlos Jobim
  • Marisa Monte
  • Caetano Veloso
  • Djavan
  • Joao Gilberto
  • Gilberto Gil
  • Gal Costa
  • Milton Nascemento
  • Maria Creuza
  • Chico Cesar
  • Carlinhos Brown
  • Chico Buarque
  • Elis Regina
  • Rosa Passos
  • Tom Zé
  • Baria Bethania
  • Simone
  • Vinicious de Morais
  • Ivan Lins
  • Zizi Possi

  • Manu Dibango&Cuarteto Patria - Cubafrica. African and Cuban music are twin brothers.
  • Ketama - Shongai. Shongai 2. flamenco and Cora together with an amazing result.
  • Afrocelt Sound System - Sound Magic. Release. Yo may not believe it, but celtic and african music mix together very well.

  • Pangea - Eastwest World. Earth´s Simphony
  • Beautiful World - In Existence. Forever. swhajili songs with a "new age" touch
  • David Antony Clark - Before Africa. African New Age.
  • Paul Winter - Prayer for the wild thing. Anthems. "Live" in Spain. One of the best musicians I ever met.
  • Paul Winter - Brazilian days. Brazilian music with the Paul touch
  • Peter Kater& Carlos Nakai - Natives. Music from the Northamerican native indians

Hope you will enjoy them, and if you have any recommendation about music, please send me a message from "Send him a message" section.



Published: 03/01/2008 00:00

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