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Carlos is in India travelling from january to june 2007
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Mission Burma
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The quote: There is great meaning in life for those who are willing to journey. (James England)

Travel log

They’re barking Sancho, so let’s ride [03/01/2008]
China, Country of the Superlatives [03/01/2008]
Shanghai, the Pearl of the East [03/01/2008]
Chinese delights [03/01/2008]
Journeys through China [03/01/2008]
Hong Kong, the Dragon of Asia [03/01/2008]
Macao, “Anybody speaks Portuguese here?” [03/01/2008]
The Difficulties of a Vagamundos in China [03/01/2008]
Chinese New Year [03/01/2008]
Tiger Leaping [03/01/2008]
Earthqake in Lijiang [03/01/2008]
Yunnan, looking for Shangri-La [03/01/2008]
Ethnic Minorities in China [03/01/2008]
China, a Country of Crazy People [03/01/2008]
Vietnam, a History of Ressistance [03/01/2008]
Millionaire in Vietnam [03/01/2008]
Vietnam, World Heritage [03/01/2008]
Routes in Vietnam [03/01/2008]
Mekong, the River of Life [03/01/2008]
Goodbye, Vietnam!! [03/01/2008]
Cambodia, the Horror of the Red Khmers [03/01/2008]
Angkor. The Khmer Empire [03/01/2008]
Laos, Land of the Million Elephants [03/01/2008]
4.000 lslands on the Mekong [03/01/2008]
Laos, No hurries [03/01/2008]
Luang Prabang and the new Buddhist Year [03/01/2008]
Northern Laos: Rivers, Mountains and Tribes [03/01/2008]
Thailand, Land of the Free Men [03/01/2008]
Chiang Mai, the Rose of the North [03/01/2008]
Phi Phi and the Tsunami. Back to Life [03/01/2008]
Malaysia. A thousand flavors. [03/01/2008]
Sandokan and the Islands of Malaysia [03/01/2008]
Kuala Lumpur and Melaka [03/01/2008]
Singapore, the City of the Lion [03/01/2008]
China Revisited [03/01/2008]
The Great Wall of China [03/01/2008]
The Imperial Gardens and Palaces of Beijing [03/01/2008]
Spring in Shanghai, Gardens in Suzhou and Heat in Nanjing [03/01/2008]
The Travel of Life [03/01/2008]
The Words of the Wind [03/01/2008]
Trip to happiness [03/01/2008]
The Nuts’ Club [03/01/2008]
Borneo, one of pirates coming up! [03/01/2008]
Kuching, the year of the Cat [03/01/2008]
Its raining, its pooring, the old man is snoring!!! [03/01/2008]
And the Virgin got Wet [03/01/2008]
Sabah, the Queen of Borneo [03/01/2008]
Brunei [03/01/2008]
Adventure in Kinabatangan [03/01/2008]
The Secret Life of the Sea [03/01/2008]
Sepilok and Sandakan, farewell to Borneo [03/01/2008]
Orchid Garden in Singapore [03/01/2008]
Philippines [03/01/2008]
Vigan and Benaue [03/01/2008]
snorkeling with whale sharks [03/01/2008]
Manila Intramuros (Between Walls) [03/01/2008]
The Last from Philipphines [03/01/2008]
Indonesia, the Earth of the Islands [03/01/2008]
From Volcano and Men [03/01/2008]
in search of Gilis [03/01/2008]
Hunting the Sun [03/01/2008]
Birds from Singapore [03/01/2008]
Mission Burma [09/01/2011]

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